Micro & Nano Manufacturing Technologies & Applications

|Micro & Nano Manufacturing Technologies & Applications

Manufacturing pipeline for high-pressure resistant microfluidics


Comparison of stainless steel and PEEK for the manufacturing of micro-fluidics chips through micro-milling


Antimicrobial effect of TiO2-coated catheters


Investigation of Machinability of Polymer/Nanoparticles Nanocomposites

Composite,Experimentation,Machinability,Nano manufacturing

Automatic artificial intelligence based defect detection on turbine blades

Defect,Intelligent,Measurement,Turbine blade

New structural – parametric method for assessing the geometrical accuracy of machine tools


Investigation on femtosecond laser micro machining spark plasma sintered TiB2-10%SiC ceramic composites

Laser micro machining,Machinability,Micromachining,Miniaturization

Interferometrically controlled, scalable x-y planar positioning stage concept

Atomic force microscopy (AFM),Interferometry,Nano manufacturing,Positioning

Nanosecond laser processing of zirconia/alumina composites with different alumina contents

Biomedical,Ceramic,Composite,Laser micro machining

Optimizing Micro-Injection Moulded Lab-on-a-Chips Using Virtual Design of Experiments

Manufacturing (CAM),Molding (or Moulding),Optimisation,Polymer

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