Mechatronics & Control

|Mechatronics & Control

Assessment of microscopy moving stage performance down to the 10 nm range using encoded patterns with automated reading

Calibration,Coordinate measuring machine (CMM),Microscope,Positioning

Separable Water Supply Machine for Hydraulic-Driven Micro Device


Biconic Zernike Surface Using a Cartesian Coordinate Machine and an Analytical Solution of the Tool Path

Manufacturing (CAM),Computer numerical control (CNC),Grinding,Polishing

Development of an ultra precise XY motion stage for large flat panel manufacturing equipment


Development of Hydraulic-Driven Devices Using Additive Manufacturing


Feasibility study of hybrid spindle system with ball and electromagnetic bearings for suppression of chatter vibrations during milling process with small end-mill

Bending,Chatter,End milling,Spindle

Decentralized controller design in flexure-linked gantry by H2 guaranteed cost optimization approach


High stiffness fixation and thermal insulation in a superconducting planar motor

Actuator,Conceptual design,Stiffness,Thermal conductivity

Development of High-Precision Parallel Kinematics for Industrial Automation and Silicon Photonics


High-Accuracy Z Actuator Relying on a 3-dof Flexural Elements-Based Concept


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