Mechatronics, Control and Automation

|Mechatronics, Control and Automation

High-precision Motion System Design by Topology Optimization Considering Additive Manufacturing


Initial nano-tomo-ptychography 3D-imaging results on the SWING beamline at Synchrotron SOLEIL

Accuracy,Interferometry,Mechatronic,Nano technology

Dreaming Neural Networks for Adaptive Polishing

Neural network,Polishing

A real-time control system for mirrors local slope errors using thermal actuators: design concept and performance estimation


Advances in soft robot actuation and their morphological control

Logarithmic Spiral for Referencing a Camera-Screen Micro Positioning System

Accuracy,Pattern recognition,Positioning,Precision

Precise radioactive source installation using dual-manipulator remote mobile robot for CERN AD ATRAP experiment

Adaptive control,Manipulator,Robot,Tooling

Use of Virtual Reality for Robotic Intervention Preparation in Unstructured and Hazardous Environments

Augmented reality,Maintenance,Reliability,Virtual reality

Mould integrated mechatronic fixture for error compensation in injection over-moulding of optoelectronic devices


Feedback control of a levitation actuator used in a non-contact mechatronic system


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