Measuring Instruments and Machines Tools: Design & Performance

|Measuring Instruments and Machines Tools: Design & Performance

Standards for machine tools, an update

Strength enhancement of precision concrete parts by sol-gel surface coating

Development of on-machine measurement for ultra-precision machining

High-resolution, high-speed inline optical topography measurement system for laser micro-machining process control

Introducing a new design of 3dof parallel micro-manipulator

Design and manufacture of a high-resolution 1D superconducting gravimeter

A High Pressure and High Temperature Aqueous Environment Atomic Force Microscope

Characterizing precision cutting process by workpiece integrated printed thermocouples

Nanopositioning and Nanomeasuring Machine NPMM-200 – sub-nanometre resolution and highest accuracy in extended macroscopic working areas

Performance analysis of measuring and motion devices for an ultra-precision 2D-stage

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