Measuring Instruments and Machines Tools: Design & Performance

|Measuring Instruments and Machines Tools: Design & Performance

Standards for machine tools, an update

Introducing a new design of 3dof parallel micro-manipulator

A High Pressure and High Temperature Aqueous Environment Atomic Force Microscope

Nanopositioning and Nanomeasuring Machine NPMM-200 – sub-nanometre resolution and highest accuracy in extended macroscopic working areas

How to qualify wafer thermal conditioning at milli-Kelvin resolution?

Recent results of micro geometry measurements using Werth 3D Fibre Probe

Development of automated assembly machines for the particle tracking system of the ALICE detector upgrade at CERN

Development and performance evaluation of desktop machine tool

Utilization of machine tool repeatability in kinematic modelling

The design of a new comparator for form and diameter measurements (KOLD)

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