Machine precision – process development and control

|Machine precision – process development and control

Direct part density inspection in laser powder bed fusion using Eddy Current

3D printing,In-process measurement,Laser beam machining (LBM),Quality assurance

Stereo camera based in-situ monitoring of L-PBF process stability by spatter detection

Algorithm,In-process measurement,Selective laser melting (SLM),Topography

Smart machines for fused filament fabrication based on multi-sensor data fusion, digital twins and machine learning

Artificial intelligence,3D printing,In-process measurement,Monitoring

Design of a multi-sensor measurement system for in-situ defect identification in metal additive manufacturing

Defect,In-process measurement,Metal,Metrology

Influence of the CNC behaviour on laser spot trajectory in LPBF process

Accuracy,Computer numerical control (CNC),Identification,Monitoring

Computer vision based zero point estimation for hybrid builds in metal additive manufacturing

Artificial intelligence,Calibration,3D printing,Image

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