Integrating AM into Holistic Manufacturing Process

|Integrating AM into Holistic Manufacturing Process

Topological Optimization for AM

3D Printed Mold for Powder Injection Molding Process

Developement of a substrate unit for L-PBF to increase automatization in manufacturing process chains


Measuring the value of DfAM practices in metal powder bed fusion part production

Computer aided planning (CAP),Decision making,Design method,3D printing

Challenges of combining direct metal deposition with milling for the fabrication of a rocket nozzle


Cost estimation of a specifically designed direct light processing (DLP) additive manufacturing machine for precision printing

Finish machining of laser beam melted parts

Achieving dimensional tolerances in metal additive manufacturing via numerical model based process optimization

Towards post-processing as a key process variable in the AM design chain

Finishing of internal and external surfaces produced by Selective Laser Melting

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