Industry 4.0 for Precision Manufacturing

|Industry 4.0 for Precision Manufacturing

Machine learning robot polishing cell


Neural network based ensemble model for optimization of cutting fluid supplication in milling process

Artificial intelligence,Classification,Machining,Monitoring

Cyber-physical system for real-time estimation of friction characteristics of machine tool feed drives


Increasing the Accuracy of a Tool with Integrated Sensors


Force sensing linear rolling guides

Condition,Force,In-process measurement,Monitoring

High precision electrochemical manufacturing processes to meet the demand of Industry 4.0


a sensitivity analysis method for the design procedure in the precision machine simulator platform

Decision Support System for Grinding Wheel Selection Using Data-Mining

Analysis,Decision making,Grinding,Support

Condition monitoring of dynamic system for packaging industry


Embedded smart bearing for condition monitoring of rolling mill for Industry 4.0

Design method,Diagnostics,Rolling,Sensor

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