Important & Novel Advances in Precision Engineering & Nanotechnologies

|Important & Novel Advances in Precision Engineering & Nanotechnologies

Modeling the Opposite Effects on the Stability of Aerostatic Thrust Bearings of the Damping Chamber and Gas Chamber

Industrial tool holding for ultra-precision machining

Nanometer precision fabrication for optical surfaces

Multi material ultrasonic joining using microstructured joining partners

Fabrication of micro-/nano-pore arrays with metal-assisted chemical etching and surface modification aiming at liquid retaining function

Compact hydrodynamic spindle module for micromachining applications

Self-healing of cracks during ductile regime machining of silicon: Insights from molecular dynamics simulation

Methods to extend surface error map in dwell time algorithm

Increasing the stroke of an ultra-precise compliant mechanism with optimised flexure hinge contours

Removal of nanoscale damage induced by FIB nanofabrication on single-crystal diamond using femtosecond laser treatment

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