Important & Novel Advances in Precision Engineering & Nano Technologies

|Important & Novel Advances in Precision Engineering & Nano Technologies

An atomistic investigation of FIB process damage on diamond

Polishing phenomena of aluminum alloy and a polishing-trial in ultraviolet-ray irradiation (Study of ultraviolet-ray aided machining)

Recent progress in CMM based form measurement

Technological Advances in Super Fine Finishing

Glass molding of nano grating structure using vitreous carbon nanostamp for photonic crystal optical filter

Simulation of the anisotropic thermal conductivity generated by graphene integration in aluminium matrices

Grinding Processes for Silicon Carbide (CSiC) Materials

Fabrication of single-wall Carbon nanotube STM probe and processing of single nanometer scale pit with high-aspectratio for highly oriented pyrolytic graphite

Dressing and Selfsharpening of Conventional Tools

Determination of volumetric errors using a machine tool model employing a reduced set of geometric errors

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