Important / Novel Advances in Precision Engineering and Nanotechnologies

|Important / Novel Advances in Precision Engineering and Nanotechnologies

Software Agent Based Monitoring for a Micro Milling Spindle

Characteristics of Aerosol Assisted and Conventional Chemical Vapour Deposition of Metal Oxide Thin Films on Glass, with or without Noble Metal or p Type Dopants

High-Aspect-Ratio Nanofabrication Using Carbon Nanotube Probe in Scanning Tunneling Microscope

Investigations on the Influence of Powder Suspended Dielectrics in µ-Wire-EDM

Precision Hexapod – Preliminary CAD (A Work for Micro)

Development of Reconfigurable Support Structures for Nano Focussing X ray Beamlines

Precision Grinding with In-Process ECM-Dressing

The SEM/FIB Workbench: Nanorobotics System Inside of Scanning Electron or Focussed Ion Beam Microscopes

Experimental Characterisation of Off-the-shelf Vibration Energy Scavengers

Application of PCD and Boron Doped CVD-Diamond Tool Electrodes in Micro EDM

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