High Precision Mechatronics

|High Precision Mechatronics

Superstructures control with active tie rods

Highly accurate passive actuation system

FEM model based POD reduction to obtain optimal sensor locations for thermo-elastic error compensation

Design and fabrication of a novel centimeter scale three dimensional silicon tip, tilt and piston mirror mechanism

2-DoF magnetic actuator for a 6-DoF stage with long-stroke gravity compensation

Measurement set-ups and cycles for thermal characterization of axes of rotation of 5-axis machine tools

A 2-DOF Linear-Rotary Electromagnetic Actuator for High Precision Positioning Tasks

Sub-nanometer Resolution Linear Encoder with Polarization Insensitive Laser Doppler Displacement Meter Technology and Multi-reflection Optics

Experimental validation of a piezoelectrically driven photomask curvature manipulator

Active Guides for Precision Micro-systems

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