Dimensional accuracy and surface finish in additive manufacturing (AM)

|Dimensional accuracy and surface finish in additive manufacturing (AM)

Can complex AM surface topography be specified for optimum heat transfer?


Accuracy and microstructure of additively manufactured and post-machined parts

Accuracy,Cutting,3D printing,Microstructure

Dimensional accuracy of an artifact for rapid casting

Accuracy,Casting,Dimensional,3D printing

Prediction of dimensional accuracy and warpage of additive manufactured parts using finite element model

Accuracy,3D printing,Finite element method (FEM),Simulation

Printing miniature valves by micro-SLA for soft robotics


Improving Additive Manufactured surfaces properties with post processing techniques

Manufacturing (CAM),Finishing,Precision,Process

Quantifying the influence of local porosity on the colour differences of colour dyed laser sintered polyamide-12 with X-ray CT

Polymer,Selective laser sintering (SLS),X-ray

Surface irregularities of metal SLM part with different surface inclinations and their impact on surface texture characterization

Defect,Measurement,Selective laser melting (SLM),Topography

A two step modelling approach to limit the exploitable AM parameter space and optimized parameter selection for finest lattice structures using LPBF


Design and measurement strategy of additive manufacturing lattice benchmark artefact

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