Digital Manufacturing

|Digital Manufacturing

In-process point cloud generation and predictive correction in Selective Thermal Electrophotographic Process

3D printing;Metrology;Monitoring

Root Cause Analysis in Float-Zone Crystal Growth Production using Fishbone diagram and Association Rule Mining

Artificial intelligence;Process;Silicon;Single crystal

An in-process digital twin and decision support system for additive manufacturing

Decision making;Knowledge management;Knowledge based system;Manufacturing

Adaptive dexelization approach for material removal simulation in milling

Manufacturing (CAM);Digital;Milling;Simulation

Data Driven modeling for the correlation of the inputs and outputs in thermoplastic micro injection molding

Digital surface shadow for fly-cut surfaces utilizing dynamic axis data


Use of digital tools to simulate the accuracy of subtractive machining processes


Surface roughness monitoring and prediction based on audible sound signal with the comparison of statistical and automatic feature extraction methods in turning process

Acoustic;Artificial intelligence;Monitoring;Surface

Energy-saving tool path generation for NC machine tools by model based simulation of feed drive system

Manufacturing (CAM);Ecology;Numerical control (NC);Simulation

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