Characterizing the Performance of AM Machines

|Characterizing the Performance of AM Machines

Opto-mechanical modelling of an additive manufacturing laser scanning head including assembly defects

Evaluation of polymer micro parts produced by additive manufacturing processes by using vat photopolymerization method

Loss of dimensional accuracy due to non-uniform shrinkage in additively manufactured polymer parts fabricated by two-photon lithography

Process simulation for large scale additive manufacturing using thermosetting material

Geometrical design and assessment of an industrially relevant benchmark part for Selective Laser Melting

In-line 3D Print Failure Detection Using Computer Vision

Comparing Retraction Methods with Volumetric Exit Flow Measurement in Molten Material Extrusion

Photogrammetry for Repositioning in Additive Manufacturing

Powder bed referencing for in-line surface measurements during selective laser sintering

The Application of XCT for Laser Based Additive Manufacturing: Process Stability, Optimisation, and Structural Integrity

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