Applications of Precision Engineering in Biomedical Sciences

|Applications of Precision Engineering in Biomedical Sciences

The Influence of Assembly on Stem Taper Texture and Measurement Uncertainty


Ultra-Precision processing of nanostructured bactericidal Titanium surfaces


Modified matrix method for modelling of multi degree-of-freedom flexure stage

Deformation,Design,Design method,Modelling

Surface integrity investigation of ground ceramic workpieces for biomedical applications


Prototype for optical applications that microscopically affect the cancer cell diagnosis in biological sciences

Microstructure and tribology regarding precision studies of micro-sintered ceramic bearings for Ventricular Assist Devices

Dimensional control in pre-sintered Zirconia machining for double pivot micro bearings of blood pumps

Textured layer of titanium oxide in titanium pure to endothelialize ventricular assist devices

Assembly analysis of titanium dental implants using X-ray computed tomography

E-beam sterilization of microholes and microstructures in titanium surfaces for medical implants

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