Advances in Precision Design, Precision Engineering and Nanotechnologies

|Advances in Precision Design, Precision Engineering and Nanotechnologies

Compare in-plane vibration frequencies and modes of tuning fork using FEM simulation and sampling moiré method

Finite element method (FEM),Vibration

Planarization of polymer materials using catalytic reaction in pure water


An enhanced mechanism for a Kibble balance at the National Institute of Standards and Technology

Conceptual design,Design,Measuring instrument,Ultra-precision

Fabrication of nano core-shell aided multifunctional robust polymeric coating for steel protection

Coating,Composite,Nano technology,Polymer

Design of a large deflection compliant mechanism with active material for vibration suppression


Reachability analysis and simulation of a forearm rehabilitation device


Preparation of highly planarized optical surface on Si substrate via catalyst-referred etching


High torsion stiffness leafspring flexure element using distributed warping constraints


Two-dimensional model for femtosecond laser ablation of metals: validation with percussion drilling experiments

Laser micro machining,Model

Simulation concept for surface designs increasing the coefficient of static friction


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