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Laboratory Tours of e-Sling project at Dübendorf Innovationspark 

Wednesday 23rd March 2022: 13:45 – 14:45 

Delegates will have the opportunity to travel to Dübendorf Innovationspark to visit the e-Sling project team.

The e-Sling is based on a Sling TSi, which has been adapted for electrification. Equipped with a modular battery system, the e-Sling will offer a range of 200 km for four people.

The “e-Sling” focus project team set itself the goal of developing the first four-seater electric aircraft that is optimised for different flight distances thanks to its modular battery system. In its basic configuration, it is expected to offer a range of 250 km for four passengers. Twelve ETH students are working on the project, in which they electrified an existing aircraft from South African manufacturer Sling and equipped it with an innovative cooling system. Additionally, an electric motor and high-performance inverter were also developed for the new electric drive train. The team painted the small aircraft white and applied lightning bolts to it, thereby already revealing from the outside that the “e-Sling” is special.

Find out more on the project here:

The tours take place on the final day of the event.  They are free of charge and included within the delegate registration fee.

Please note, we will be using PUBLIC TRANSPORT to get to the facilities ay Dübendorf Innovationspark.  

From ETH Mainbuilding to Dübendorf :

  • Take the Polybahn cable car connecting ETH with the city centre
  • From Polybahn to Mainstation – Two minute walk
  • From Mainstation to Dubendorf Station – Four direct connections every hour. S-Bahn Service S9 and S14
  • From Dubendorf Station to the Lab at the Innovationspark – Five minute walk

Delegates will then be able to use a bus from Dübendorf Innovationspark to the Airport Zurich directly after the tours.  Bus journey to the airport is approx. 30 minutes and buses depart every 15 minutes.

Delegates who choose NOT to join the tour should make their own travel arrangements accordingly.

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