Company Tour

ASML Company Tour

Wednesday 13th March : 16:00 (CET)

Delegates will have the opportunity to travel to Veldhoven to visit ASML; an innovation leader in the semiconductor industry.

During this visit you will be taken to the ASML Experience Centre where stories around semiconductors and ASML products will be presented in digital and physical form.  The tour will start with the ASML Patent and Fellow wall where you will receive a sneak peek into ASML’s history. Videos about ASML introduction and Chip Production Process will be shown, with some of these videos being in 3D form; watched with a 3D glass.

You will be given the opportunity to have a look at the ASML product portfolio on EUV, DUV, Metrology and Inspection system solutions. The tour will allow you to see some of the main building blocks of the ASML machines, like wafer table, collector mirror, Laser Amplifier, Reticle Masking unit and Wafer Handling System etc.

Interesting facts will be shared via an interactive screen, about how colleagues work and collaborate at ASML, about ASML ‘Open Innovation thinking’ and how sensitive their systems are.

For the best experience, the visiting group will be divided into groups of 15; each of which will have their own ASML host. The tour is expected to take about an hour.  This tour is free of charge and included in your delegate fee.


1.    For security purposes you MUST have valid photographic ID before entry to the premises is permitted. A full list of delegates will be sent to ASML on Wednesday 6th March 2024.  If you try to join the tour after this date, euspen/ASML cannot guarantee your place.

2.    A visitor badge will be provided when you arrive at ASML; this MUST be warn at all times when while on ASML premises.

3.   Taking photos on ASML premises is NOT allowed.

4.    Transport to and from the tour will be provided.

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