In-process point cloud generation and predictive correction in Selective Thermal Electrophotographic Process

3D printing;Metrology;Monitoring

Laser triangulation-based thermal characterization of machine tool spindles according to ISO 230-3

Machine;Measuring instrument;Precision;Thermal error

Milling-induced damage characteristics of 70wt% Si/Al alloy


An in-process digital twin and decision support system for additive manufacturing

Decision making;Knowledge management;Knowledge based system;Manufacturing

Experiments on micro-milling of cemented carbide with extremely sharp diamond micro mills


Exploring a compact piezo-driven inchworm motor for LISA space mission


Enhancing camera calibration results using artificial bee colony within a virtual environment


Evaluation of the print geometry limitations of 3D printed continuous stainless steel fibre reinforced polymer composites

3D printing;Extrusion;Mechanical

An Adaptive Deep Learning Based Approach to Classification and Labelling of Image Data from Additive Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence;Classification;3D printing;Neural network

Adaptive dexelization approach for material removal simulation in milling

Manufacturing (CAM);Digital;Milling;Simulation

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