An optimized interpolation methodology for micromachining

Algorithm,Computer numerical control (CNC),Feed,Micromachining

On-line monitoring strategies for detection of process completion in micro-polishing


Manufacturing miniature/micro-components with FAST Sintering combined with Micro-Forming


Development of a compact ultra-precision six-axis hybrid micro-machine

Computer numerical control (CNC),Machine,Micromachining

Manufacturing of micro or nanostructured steel tools for polymeric mass replication

Manufacturing,Microstructure,Mold (or Mould)

Experimental Study on Jet Electrochemical Machining of Intersecting Single Grooves

Electro chemical machining (ECM),Measurement,Process

Tool manufacturing for the replication of micro-structures into steel parts by embossing

Coating,Cold forming,Die,Microstructure

Forming ceramics components using Micro-FAST

Application and Development of Linear motor driven Ultra-recision Positioning Stage with Air Floating Positioning Platform

Experimental investigation on feedstock extrusion for micromanufacturing of metallic components with unique properties

3D printing,Extrusion,Manufacturing

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