Study on atmospheric pressure plasma processing in contact mode

Stacking mirror device using millimeter-thick elliptical supermirrors fabricated by numerically controlled local wet etching for focusing neutron beam

Generation of surface pattern by using a patch division milling and its influence on the flow-field around the aerofoil

Analysis of surface and subsurface damage of micro-ground Bk7 glass using on machine fabricated PCD micro-too

Large Scale Manufacturing and Deployment of Offshore Renewable Energy Harvesting and Storage Systems

Combine electrochemical and electrodischarge microdetails shaping

High Precision Diffractometers for X-ray Advanced Investigations

Surface Integrity of Hard Turned Surfaces on AISI 52100

Micro Structuring of Carbide Metals with Jet Electrochemical Machining

The Formation of Micro-glass Ball and Its Applications

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