Venice 2018

|Venice 2018

6-axis CAM toolpath planning for 3d-optics

In-situ Monitoring of Geometric Accuracy in Laser Powder Bed Fusion processes


A new sensor for one-dimensional tactile measurements with the Nanometer Comparator

Coordinate measuring machine (CMM),Dimensional,Interferometry,Measuring instrument

A new vacuum setup for fundamental investigations on interferometric length measurements


Assessment of sub-mm features replication capability in injection moulding using a multi-cavity tool produced by additive manufacturing

Injection,Molding (or Moulding)

Effects of different mold surface coatings on the ejection force in micro injection molding

Coating,Friction,Injection,Molding (or Moulding)

Synchrotron Radiation Damage in Fiber Optics Interferometers


Applicability of Acoustic Emission monitoring to micro polishing


Manufacturing uncertainty during micromachining: Case study on OFHC copper


GPS&VToolbox – project that facilitates professional training in ISO GPS system

Computer aided design (CAD),Coordinate measuring machine (CMM),Learning,Metrology

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