SIG : Thermal Issues

|SIG : Thermal Issues

Thermal contact conductance in vacuum

Spindle,Temperature,Thermal error

In-situ measurement of the temperature inside the grinding wheel.

Fluid,Metrology,Thermal error,Workpiece

Reduction of warm-up period after machine downtime by means of a thermoelectric tempered motorized milling spindle

Analysis,Dynamic,Finite element method (FEM),Thermal error

Thermal direct oil management of power electronics in electric mobility

Coordinate measuring machine (CMM),Precision,Temperature,Ultrasonic

Thermal model update strategy using subspace clustering

Thermal monitoring and adaptive compensation model based on proper orthogonal decomposition and optimal sensor placement.

Compensation,Grinding,Thermal error

Strategies for thermal error modelling and design mitigation

Thermal challenges in X-ray computed tomography (XCT) for dimensional metrology

Sustainability in production by thermal error compensation

Strategies for Thermal Error Modelling and Design Mitigation

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