Nottingham 2016

|Nottingham 2016

Electrochemical mechanical polishing of difficult-to-machine mold materials

Industrial tool holding for ultra-precision machining

Multiphysics based modelling and analysis of micro milling metal matrix composites (MMCs) against the effects of key process variables

Enhancement of the Mechatronic Development Process with Software in the loop Simulation

Motion control parameter identification using genetic algorithms

A Key Point Method for Data Registration for MultiSensor Fusion

A novel method based on Bayesian regularized artificial neural networks for measurement uncertainty evaluation

Microwaves enable activated plasma figuring for ultra-precision fabrication of optics

Design and Fabrication of an Ultrasonic Waveguide for Nano-scale Surface Reformation

Design and Applicability of the Testing Equipment for Manufacturing Micro Parts from Amorphous Metal Powder by using the Hybrid Contact Laser Sintering (HCLS) Process

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