Delft 2010

|Delft 2010

A Micro Force Measurement, Transmission and Control System for Biomechanics Studies

Investigations on the Influence of Powder Suspended Dielectrics in µ-Wire-EDM

Precision Grinding with In-Process ECM-Dressing

Application of PCD and Boron Doped CVD-Diamond Tool Electrodes in Micro EDM

Vibration Analysis of Slender Sinking EDM Electrodes for the Precision Manufacturing of High Aspect Ratio Cavities

Micro Electro Discharge Machining (μ-EDM) with Additivated Dielectrics

Fabrication of Electroplated Cu Tool Electrodes for Micro‑EDM using a Si Micromold

On Performance of a UV-Adhesive Gripper

Dressing-free Grinding of Electrically Conductive PCD by Complex Grinding Assisted with Electrical Discharge Machining

Development of Electrically Conductive PCD and its EDM Property

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