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Copenhagen 2023 Proceedings Full Version

European Metrology Network (EMN) for Advanced Manufacturing ? Development of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)

Investigation of laser decoated gas turbine blades and their recoating with regard to their mechanical hardness properties

Hardness,Laser,Nd:YAG laser,Turbine blade

Capacitance analysis of a shielded sphere-flat capacitor in a high precision electrostatic force balance


Optimization of diamond machined gratings for low light scattering and highest diffraction efficiencies


Diffractometer platform for X-ray synchrotron reflectometry

Comparison of binderless carbide with conventional carbide as a cutting material for milling


Indirect compensation strategy to minimise spatial thermal errors caused by activity of the milling machine rotary table

Compensation,Machine,Thermal error

Experimental investigation on non-contact polishing of microlens array mold

Mold (or Mould),Optical,Polishing,Precision

Control frequency and voltage for large displacement inchworm using piezoelectric actuator


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