Copenhagen 2023

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Copenhagen 2023 Proceedings Full Version

Optimization of diamond machined gratings for low light scattering and highest diffraction efficiencies


Comparison of binderless carbide with conventional carbide as a cutting material for milling


Experimental investigation on non-contact polishing of microlens array mold

Mold (or Mould),Optical,Polishing,Precision

Case study of X-ray Computed Tomography performance in polymeric AM features evaluation

Laser-induced Selective Activation of Polyimide for Robust Electroless Plating

Laser micro machining

Machining of Ti6Al4V using laser textured cutting tool under Ionic liquid (IL) lubrication condition


Robust mass dampers: the development of a low-cost, broad-banded solution to improve vibration stability on the nanoscale


Application of laser doppler vibrometry to characterize the laser drilling process

Acoustic,Laser micro machining,Optimisation,Process

European Metrology Network (EMN) for Advanced Manufacturing ? Development of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)

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