Berlin 2013

|Berlin 2013



Silicon surface texturing by forming sub-micron bumps with a CW fiber laser

Experimental study of different dielectric fluids used in Micro-Electrical-Discharge-Machining with carbon fibres as tool electrodes

Direct machining of microstructures in polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) with single-edge micro end mills with diameter 20 µm

Verification of thickness and surface roughness of a thin film transparent coating

High resolution laser micromachining of TiN coatings through the regulation of pulse characteristics

Dicing concept for mechanical structured materials and multi-layer-specimens

Analysis of Mutual Influences of Control, Feedback and Servo Drive Systems for Ultra Precision Machining

Integration Platform of Dual Wavelength Signal Source for 120GHz Wireless Communication Systems

Nanometer accurate orbit model for analysing the error motion of a porous aerostatic bearing

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