Product Description

Diamond machined optical components exhibit a multitude of different surfaces ranging from rotational symmetric aspheres to freeform and structured surfaces with Fresnel or prismatic elements. The book “A Guide to Diamond Machining” is intended to provide a thorough understanding of the methods and routines used in diamond machining by discussing the foundation of ultra-precision machining, the different machining techniques and set-up procedures, the characteristics of surface generation and the most important methods of surface inspection, which is the key for both successful application and further development. The book is addressed to both academics and practitioners in the field.


  • The evolution of diamond machining
    Foundation of mechanical accuracy, history and famous machines
  • Diamond turning
    Diamond tools, tool alignment, balancing, surface characteristics, ductile-to-brittle transition, elliptical vibration cutting, servo turning
  • Milling techniques
    Flycutting, raster milling, servo milling, ball-end milling, micro-chiseling
  • Machining of structured surfaces
    Fresnel lenses, lens arrays and prism arrays
  • Surface inspection
    Evaluation of figure accuracy and surface texture

Author : Werner Preuss

156 pages, 86 figures