Measuring Instruments and Machine Tools

|Measuring Instruments and Machine Tools

Active hydraulic actuators for vibration reduction in machine tool applications

Novel method and device to minimize the high-order roundness error of large cylindrical rotors

Measurement and identification of translational stiffness matrix for static loads in machine tools

Multi-dimensional interferometric stage encoder using range-resolved interferometry

Development of an all-optical dimensional measuring system

P7.27 : Effect of feeding speed to the motion behaviour of a machine tool examined by a real-time position acquisition device (PAD)

P7.29 : Tool/workpiece contact detection via acoustic emission in micro grinding

P7.30 : Synchrotron vacuum diffractometer

P7.28 : Dimensional Evaluation of Additive Manufactured Polymer Extrusion Dies Produced by Continuous Liquid Interface Production

P7.23 : Novel Designing of Super Abrasive Grinding Wheel for Dynamic Motion Control in Grinding

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