Special Interest Group Meeting: Micro/Nano Manufacturing 
Technical University of Berlin 27th – 28th November 2019


TU Hauptgebäude, Str. des 17. Juni 135, 10623, Berlin, Germany

Our Special Interest Group meeting on Micro/Nano Manufacturing is held over 2 days and the daily programme is detailed below:


Wednesday 27th November 2019

08:15-09:00Registration & Refreshments
09:00-09:10Welcome Address:  Prof. Enrico Savio, euspen President
09:10-09:20Welcome from Local Host: Prof. Dirk Oberschmidt, TU Berlin

Chair: Prof. Enrico Savio

Keynote: Modern Micro Grooving – Enabling technologies for the photonic industry
Gregor Hasper, Berliner Glas Herbert Kubatz GmbH & Co., DE


Chair: Prof. Enrico Savio

Session 1: EDM/ECM and Electrically Assisted Processes (Part 1)

09:50    In vitro wear measurement of electrodes for sinking EDM processes by examining the resonance frequency
Jan Streckenbach, TU Berlin, DE 

10:10    New tool electrode materials for high precision sinking EDM
Robert Bolz, TU Berlin, DE

10:30-11:00Coffee & Networking


SOTA: Latest Developments in Micro Injection Moulding Simulation of 3D Polymer Micro Components
Guido Tosello, Technical University of Denmark, DK
11:20-12:10Commercial Session

·       Zygo
·       Exaddon
·       AMETEK Precitech
·       Moore Nanotechnology Systems

12:10-13:10Lunch & Networking


Chair: Prof. Dirk Oberschmidt

Session 2: Mechanical Machining Processes (Part 1)

13:10     Boron doped single crystal diamond for temperature measurement in the cutting zone
Toni Hocke, TU Berlin, DE   

13:30     Ultrasonic assisted diamond turning of conventional and additive manufactured steel materials
Tjarden Zielinski, IWT, DE 

13:50     Micro-Milling of burr-free thin structures for die-sinking EDM Applications
Henning Buettner, ETH Zurich, CH

14:10     Materials selection for high efficient DOE with strong curvature
Marco Jagodzinski, Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Management IWF, DE 

14:30-15:00Coffee & Networking



Session 2: Mechanical Machining Processes (Part 2)

15:00     Reduction of tool wear and elimination of air pollution in micro milling of materials for dental applications by liquid covered micro milling process
Hagen Maximilian Wiesner, Fraunhofer IPK, DE

15:20     Micro and nano manufacturing of surface structures using structured tools
Zhen Tong, University of Huddersfield, UK   

15:40-18:00Laboratory tours
Transport to Networking Dinner
Networking Dinner – Classic Remise Berlin


Thursday 28th November 2019



Chair: Dr. Guido Tosello

Session 3: Replication and Additive Manufacturing (Part 1)

08:30     SOTA: Current advances in micro injection moulding
Tino Jacob, KuZ Leipzig, DE

08:55     Session Keynote:  Pinpoint additive micro manufacturing of metal microstructures
Edgar Hepp, Exaddon AG, CH 

09:15     Validation of the micro-extrusion process for the manufacturing of tubular bio-resorbable porous scaffolds for tissue engineering
Xabier Mendibil, IK4-Tekniker, ES  

09:35     Replicative manufacturing of glass optics with antireflective microstructures
Cornelia Rojacher, Fraunhofer IPT, DE 

09:55-10:20Coffee & Networking


Session 3: Replication and Additive Manufacturing (Part 2)

10:20     Design of microstructured dies for the electromagnetic embossing of thin sheet metal
Björn Beckschwarte, University of Bremen – bime, DE 

10:40     Precision injection moulding with inserts made of mortar material
Kilian Krüger, Technical University of Denmark, DK 

11:00-12:00Poster Session & Networking   (Poster Numbers)
12:00-13:00Lunch & Networking


Chair: Dr. Oltmann Riemer

Session 4: Metrology

13:00     Session Keynote: Towards a general framework for measurement uncertainty estimation with any complex surface topography
Richard Leach, University of Nottingham, UK  

13:20     Tungsten microspheres with controllable size produced by electrolysis and subsequent laser treatment
Antoine Loncle, Synchrotron Soleil, FR   

13:40     Hardware optimization of a micro-positioning system based on artificial vision
Óscar de Francisco Ortiz, University Centre of Defense at the Air Force Academy, ES  

14:00     Testing procedure for optical probes integrated on ultra-precision diamond turning machines
Marco Buhmann, RhySearch and ETH Zurich, CH  

14:20-14:40Coffee & Networking

Chair: TBC


Session 5: Laser Processes and Lithography

14:40     Underwater laser texturing of Ti6Al4V
Luiz Schweitzer, Fraunhofer IPK, DE  

15:00     Design and manufacture of thin cavities insert for micro injection moulding process via stereolithography
Rossella Surace, STIIMA-CNR, IT 

15:20     Nanosphere lithography: a flexible surface structuring process for MEMS and 3D parts
Nicolas Blondiaux, CSEM SA, CH 

15:40-15:50Closing remarks by Dr. Oltmann Riemer, LFM Bremen, DE


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