Special Interest Group Meeting : Structured & Freeform Surfaces
9th – 10th November 2016

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1. Ultra-precision machining and measurement of freeform surfaces

by Benny Cheung, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

This tutorials is aimed at graduates, postgraduate students, engineers, scientists, researchers, scientific managers and the aim of this tutorial is to provide an excellent opportunity for the participants to assimilate the latest know-how and practices in ultra-precision machining and measurement of freeform surfaces for various industrial applications. The topics to be covered in the tutorial are outlined as follows:

  • Ultra-precision freeform surfaces and their applications
  • Various types of ultra-precision machining processes and their surface generation mechanisms. Hence, the modeling and optimization of the machining processes and the study of the effect of process chain modeling are explored.
  • Precision metrology, methods and tools for the measurement and characterization of ultra-precision Freeform surfaces.
  • Practical examples are used to demonstrate the strategies for machining and measurement of ultra-precision freeform surfaces

2. Basics of surface texture measurement and characterisation

by Richard Leach, University of Nottingham

Designed for engineers and scientists with some prior expertise in metrology. The tutorial is designed to allow engineers to begin taking surface measurements, understand the subject in more depth and have a good feel for what characterisation methods are available. Only ISO characterisation methods will be covered. The tutorial will cover the following topics:

  • What is a surface?
  • Why is surface measurement needed?
  • Terminology
  • Standards infrastructure
  • Stylus instruments
  • Optical instruments
  • Potential problems with instruments
  • Traceability, calibration and uncertainty
  • Difference between profile and areal characterisation
  • Profile characterisation
  • Areal characterisation, field and feature parameters

3. Nanoimprint Lithography, Basics, Principles, and applications on free-form surfaces

by Kristian Smistrup, Senior Tool Development Engineer, NIL Technology

Designed for anybody interested in designing and structuring freeform surfaces with precision otherwise known only from semiconductor manufacturing. No prior knowledge of nanoimprint lithography will be assumed. The tutorial will describe the principles of nanoimprint lithography and strategies for applying this to obtain designed structures with sub 100 nm resolution on free-form surfaces. Topics will include:

–          What is nanoimprint lithography (NIL)
–          Traditional application of NIL
–          Force transfer strategies in NIL
–          Polymer flow in NIL
–          Intermediate stamps
–          Requirements for NIL on free-form surfaces
–          Surface roughness requirements
–          Bulk substrate material requirements
–          Strategies for transferring NIL patterned structures into or onto steel and similar materials
–          Applications for Injection Molding, Hot Embossing, Extrusion Moulding
–          Characterization challenges

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