Special Interest Group Meeting : Structured & Freeform Surfaces
9th – 10th November 2016

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Special Interest Group Meeting: Structured & Freeform Surfaces
9th – 10th November 2016, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Copenhagen, DK

Wednesday 9th November 2016

Time Programme
09:00–12:00 Tutorial(s) :

    1. “Ultra-precision machining and measurement of freeform surfaces” by Benny Cheung
    2. “Basics of surface texture measurement and characterisation” by Richard Leach
    3. “Nanoimprint Lithography, Basics, Principles, and applications on free-form surfaces.” by Kristian Smistrup
12:00-12:30 Sandwich lunch provided to tutors and tutorial attendees
12:30–13:00 Registration and coffee

Welcome: Prof. Hans Nørgaard Hansen, DTU, DK
Prof. Richard Leach, University of Nottingham, UK
13:10–13:40 Meeting Keynote:

Chair: Richard Leach
”Nanostructures from CMOS processing to plastic consumer products”
Theodor Nielsen, NIL Technology

13:40–14:50 Session 1: Replication Techniques (inc. Embossing, Imprinting …)

    Chair: Oltmann Riemer
    Session Keynote: Polymer Surface Replication at the Micro/Nano Scale – Metrology, Process Optimization and Simulation (Guido Tosello – Technical University of Denmark)
    Sequenced electromagnetic embossing and forming of optical microstructures (Lasse Langstädtler – Bremen Institute for Mechanical Engineering (BIME))
    Influence of process parameters on the replication quality of micro-features on molded pulp products (Mattia Didone – DTU)
14:50–15:10 Coffee in exhibition area
15:10–16:40 Session 2 : Surfaces for nano manufacturing and their metrology

    Chair: Guido Tosello
    Session Keynote: In-process measuring method for nanostructures (Gabriela Alexe – University of Bremen, Bremen Institute for Metrology)
    Characterization of nano-structured plastic using scatterometry (Jonas Madsen -DFM)
    Purpose-tailored roughness created by Focused Ion Beam (Thorsten Dziomba – Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt)
    Objectives comparison in a confocal microscope using pseuso-random roughness artefacts (Danilo Quagliotti – Technical University of Denmark)
16:45–18:30 Company tours:
DTU Labs
NIL Technology (tbc)
18:30–19:00 Transport to Dinner
19:00–21:45 Restaurant Schäffergården
Pre-dinner drinks at 19:00
Sit down to dinner at 19:45
21:45–22:15 Return transport

Thursday 10th November 2016

Time Programme
08:40 – 09:00 Coffee
09:00 – 09:30 Meeting Keynote:
Chair: Hans Nørgaard Hansen
“Current challenges in manufacturing and application of freeform optics” (title tbc)
Dr Ramona Eberhardt, Fraunhofer IOP, Jena
09:30 – 11:10 Session 3: Structured Surfaces to Effect Function

    Chair: Liam Blunt
    Diamond machining of holograms with varying structure angle (Ann-Katrin Holthusen -Laboratory for Precision Machining LFM)
    Laser induced surface topographies for directional fluid transport inspired by lizards (Ulrike Hermens – Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology)
    High dynamic grayscale lithography stepper for optical microstructures (Robert Leitel – Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering)
    Process chains for creating functional surfaces on mold for 3D geometry (Yang Zhang – Technical University of Denmark)
    Laser Printed Plasmonic Structural Colors (Anders Kristensen – Technical University of Denmark)
11:10 – 12:30 Poster Session and Networking
11:30 [P1.01] A method to affect surface wettability using EDM (Raoul Roth – IWF ETH)

11:35 [P1.02] Computed Tomography characterization of the Green Fiber Bottle (Prateek Saxena – Technical University of Denmark)

11:40 [P1.03] Uncertainty in structured surfaces (Daniel O’Connor – NPL)

11:45 [P1.04] The effect of machining parameters on the corrosion behaviour and wettability of biodegradable AZ31 alloy for biomedical applications (Rachele Bertolini – University of Padova)

11:50 [P1.05] Characteriziation of smearing pattern on machined surfaces through confocal microscopy and SEM images (Francesco Biondani – Technical University of Denmark)

11:55 [P1.06] The effect of TWD estimation error on the geometry of machined surfaces in micro-EDM milling (Govindan Puthumana – Technical University of Denmark)

12:00 [P1.07] : Combination of Silicon Microstructure and Aggregated Cellulose Nanofibers to Improve Liquid-infused-type Self-cleaning Function (Nguyen Phan – Tokyo Metropolitan University)

12:05 [P1.08] Contact area measurements on structured surfaces (Ömer Can Kücükyildiz – Technical University of Denmark)

12:10 [P1.09] Challenges for metrology in submicron production with non-metals at extended climate circumstances. (Kim Carneiro – Technical University of Denmark)

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch
13:30 – 15:40 Session 4: Precision Freeform Surfaces

    Chair: Enrico Savio
    Session Keynote: Design, manufacturing, and coating of a triplex freeform optics for UV, VUV and EUV (Ralf Steinkopf – Fraunhofer IOF)
    Ultra precision machining of optical freeform surfaces with micro structures in hardened steel material (Benjamin Bulla – son-x GmbH)
    A complex 3D freeform measurement system for additively manufactured components: first steps (Richard Leach – Nottingham University)
    A method for assessing the uncertainty of a laser based multi lateration system for the measurement of non-specular freeform surfaces (James Norman -Cranfield University)
    3D Characterization and Evaluation of the Cutting Edge Preparation of Precision Cutting Tools (Carlos Julio Cortés-Rodríguez – Universidad Nacional de Colombia)
    Design and characterization of a novel microwave plasma torch for ultra-precision fabrication of optics (Adam Bennett – EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Ultra Precision)
15:40 – 16:00 Closing remarks:
Prof. Hans Nørgaard Hansen, euspen President
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