24th International Conference & Exhibition
10th – 14th June 2024, Dublin, Ireland

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Euspen’s 24th International Conference & Exhibition is held over 4 days (10th – 13th June 2024) and the daily programme is detailed below.


Monday 10th June 2024

08:30 – 11:30Tutorial One: FUNdaMENTALS of Precision Design
Alex Slocum, MIT, US
08:30 – 11:30Tutorial Two: Design of large-stroke flexure-based mechanisms
Prof. Dr. ir. Dannis M. Brouwer & Dr. ir. Jan J. de Jong, University of Twente, NL
08:30 – 11:30Tutorial Three: 2D and 3D Roughness Measurements for Engineers & Scientists
Dr.-Ing. Marvin Groeb, Kern Microtechnik GmbH, DE
08:30 – 11:30Tutorial Four: Digitalisation, digital twins, and surrogate modelling in additive manufacturing
Prof. Andrew Parnell, Director, Hamilton Institute, Maynooth University, IE
14:00 – 17:00Workshop One: Roll-to-roll printing of electronics “Responsive manufacture of thin films”
Prof. Jonathan R Howse, University of Sheffield UK & Prof. Liam Blunt, University of Huddersfield, UK
14:00 – 17:00Workshop Two: Precision Engineering principles and Simulation for micro and nano scale applications       Workshop programme can be viewed here
Prof. José A. Yagüe Fabra, University of Zaragoza, ES & Assoc. Prof. Guido Tosello, Technical University of Denmark, DK
14:00 – 16:00Early Conference Registration at UCD
18:00 – 20:30Welcome Reception to be held at O’Riley Hall, UCD
We invite our delegates to join us at for drinks and canapes with an opportunity to catch-up with old and new friends.

Tuesday 11th June 2024

08:00 – 09:00Conference Registration at UCD
09:00 – 09:10Presidential Address by Prof. Liam Blunt
09:10 – 09:20Welcome to UCD
09:20 – 09:50Keynote One
Dynamic Strategies for Development of Host-Responsive Medical Devices
Prof. Abhay Pandit, CÚRAM- SFI Research Centre for Medical Devices; University of Galway, IE
09:55 – 10:25Keynote Two
Digital Twins and Artificial Intelligence in Precision Additive Manufacturing
Prof. Andrew Parnell, Maynooth University, IE
10:30 – 11:00Coffee in Exhibition




11:05 – 12:55

Guido Tosello; Jörg Drescher








Session 1: Digital Manufacturing and Automation in Precision Engineering

Session Keynote:
11:05     Surface roughness monitoring and prediction based on audible sound signal with the comparison of statistical and automatic feature extraction methods in turning process
Yaoxuan Zhu, Royal Institute of Technology, SE

11:25     Compact lever actuated direct driven 6-DoF parallel kinematic positioning system
Tillmann Volz, Physik Instrumente, DE        

11:40     An adaptive deep learning based approach to classification and labelling of image data from additive manufacturing
Xiao Liu, Dublin City University and I-FORM SFI Centre for Advanced Manufacturing, IE

11:55     Non-destructive measurement method for internal surface roughness based on a magnetic tool and machine learning model
Jiong Zhang, City University of Hong Kong, HK

12:10    Integrated Industry Presentations   Chair: Byron Knapp

  • Micro-Epsilon
  • Polytec
  • Queensgate
  • Renishaw
  • Sensofar
  • Sios

12:35      Discussion

13:00 – 14:00Lunch and Coffee in Exhibition
14:00 – 15:30

Hélène Mainaud Durand; Enrico Savio











Session 2: Metrology    (Part 1)

Session Keynote:
14:00     Mechanical engineering challenges at European XFEL
Daniele La Civita, European XFEL, DE      

14:20     Mechanical resonance induced measurement uncertainty of ultra-precision on-machine surface measurement system
Maomao Wang, University of Huddersfield, UK      

14:35     OCT system for the detection of Subsurface Damage in glass-substrates
Lukas Schwörer, Aalen University, DE

14:50    Integrated Industry Presentations   Chair: Byron Knapp

  • Ametek
  • Cranfield Precision
  • IBS
  • JPE
  • Kern Microtechnik
  • Moore Nanotech
  • Upnano

15:15      Discussion

15:30 – 16:00Coffee in Exhibition
16:05 – 17:30







Session 2: Metrology    (Part 2)

16:05     Innovative measurement methods for 2D and 3D surface acquisition in additive manufacturing technology
Niloofar Kashefpour, Chemnitz University of Technology, DE        

16:20     In-situ surface inspection for roll-to-roll process: Towards responsive manufacturing
Hussam Muhamedsalih, University of Huddersfield, UK

16:35     Saturation reduction in fringe projection using polarization sensors and varying light intensities
Mira Sinée, KU Leuven, BE

16:50    Integrated Industry Presentations   Chair: Byron Knapp

  • Attocube
  • Eitzenberger
  • Mad City
  • MPS
  • PI
  • Professional Instruments

17:15     Discussion


Wednesday 12th June 2024


08:30 – 09:00Keynote Three  (Virtual)
European Space Agency activities on Electric and Micro Propulsion: technology state of the art and needs for precision manufacturing and verification
Davina Maria Di Cara, European Space Agency, NL
09:05 – 10:30

José Yagüe-Fabra; Saša Zelenika

Session 3: Advances in Precision Engineering

Session Keynote:
09:05     Design of electrical contact surfaces for fast charging systems
Lars Kanzenbach, Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU, DE           

09:25     Off-Axis Fast-tool-servo diamond turning of customized intraocular lenses from hydrophobic acrylic polymer
Wei Wang, Leibniz Institute for Materials Engineering IWT, DE

09:40     Fully compliant snap-through bistable gripper mechanism based on a pinned-pinned buckled beam
Loïc Tissot-Daguette, EPFL, CH

09:55     Highly efficient flattening and smoothing process for PCD substrates by combining laser-trimming and plasma-assisted polishing
Sota Sugihara, Osaka University, JP

10:10      Discussion

10:30 – 10:35Precision Engineering for Sustainability 2024 – Dr Marvin Gröb, Kern Microtechnik GmbH, DE & Filippo Mioli, University of Padova, IT
10:45 – 11:15Coffee in Exhibition
11:15 – 11:25ECP2 Presentation     (In exhibition area)
11:25 – 11:35euspen 25th International Conference & Exhibition, Zaragoza, ES – Prof. Jose Yague-Fabra     (In exhibition area)
11:35 – 11:45FEMME  Women in Engineering     (In exhibition area)
11:50 – 12:05euspen AGM     (In exhibition area)
12:00 – 13:00Football
12:45 Players and non-members/supporters to head to football pitch
13:00 – 14:00Lunch and Coffee in Exhibition

14:00 – 15:45

Oltmann Riemer; Denis Dowling


Session 4: Mechanical Manufacturing Processes

Session Keynote:
14:00    Real-time motion error compensation in optical surface fabrication using a 2-DOF linear encoder
Yan Wei, Tokyo Denki University, JP

14:20    Precision plunge grinding with coarse-grained diamond grinding wheel
Barnabás Adam, Leibniz Institute for Materials-Oriented Technologies – IWT, DE

14:35     Effect of different cutting environments on surface integrity and wear resistance properties of Incoloy 925
Shravan Kumar Yadav, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, IN

14:50     Thermomechanical impact of the cutting edge microgeometry on the surface properties in turning of aluminium alloys
Thomas Junge, Chemnitz University of Technology, DE

15:05     Benchmarking rapidly solidified aluminium alloys for ultra-precision machining of UV mirrors and diffractive optical elements
Daniel Rolon, Technical University Berlin, DE

15:20      Discussion 

15:45 – 16:10Coffee in Exhibition
16:10 – 16:30euspen Talent 2024     (In exhibition area)
16:30 – 16:40Heidenhain Scholarship Awards     (In exhibition area)
16:40Poster Session    (Poster Numbers)
17:45 – 18:30Exhibitor Drinks
18:30 – 22:30euspen Networking Dinner, Coaches depart from UCD @ 18:30


Thursday 13th June 2024

09:00 – 10:25

Liam Blunt; Dominiek Reynaerts


Session 5: Non-Mechanical Manufacturing Processes

Session Keynote:
09:00      AFM-ECM: Electrochemical micro/nano machining on an AFM platform
Krishna Kumar Saxena, KU Leuven, BE

09:20      Zinc nano-powder mixed electrical discharge machining for antibacterial surface modification
Viet D. Bui, Chemnitz University of Technology, DE

09:35      Application of in-situ process monitoring to optimise laser processing parameters during the powder bed fusion printing of Ti-6Al-4V
John Power, University College Dublin, IE

09:50      High-efficiency fabrication of functional structured array surface on hard metallic ceramic materials by a novel magnetic field-assisted self-assembly electrode
Chunjin Wang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK                 

10:05     Discussion    

10:30 – 11:00Coffee in Exhibition
10:30 – 12:45Poster Session        (Poster Numbers)
Poster voting closes at 12:15
12:45 – 13:45Lunch and Coffee in Exhibition
13:45 – 14:50

Thomas Ittner; Andreas Archenti

Session 6: Mechatronics and Machine Tools  (Part 1)

Session Keynote:
13:45      Exploring a compact piezo-driven inchworm motor for LISA space mission
Narendra Mahavar, KU Leuven, BE

14:05      Mitigating friction induced limit cycles by an intermediate flexure stage
Jan de Jong, University of Twente, NL

14:20      Analysis of the vibration characteristics of an air bearing spindle to identify and control the magnitude of the radial run-out with an active magnetic bearing
Felix Zell, RPTU Kaiserslautern, DE

14:35     Discussion

15:00 – 15:25Coffee in Exhibition
15:30 – 16:10Session 6: Mechatronics and Machine Tools    (Part 2)

15:30      Integrated capacitive measurement of air gap height in aerostatic bearings
Petteri Haverinen, Aalto University, FI

15:45      Measuring the traction properties of water at high pressures between rolling contacts
Trevor Murphy, MIT, US

16:00     Discussion

16:10 – 16:20Closing remarks by euspen Vice President, Prof. Andreas Archenti 
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