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Impulse Disturbance Rejection in Adaptive Feedforward Control for an Active Vibration Isolation System

Adaptive control,Vibration

Design of a large deflection compliant mechanism with active material for vibration suppression


High torsion stiffness leafspring flexure element using distributed warping constraints


Active vibration isolation with integrated virtual balance mass for a motion stage

Adaptive control,Motion,Ultra-precision,Vibration

Alleviating stress concentrations by constant curvature flexure mechanisms


T-Flex: Large range of motion fully flexure based 6-DOF hexapod


Flexure mechanism with increased dynamic performance by overconstraining using viscoelastic material


The influence of flexibility on the force balance quality: a frequency domain approach

Design of a large stroke flexure-based suspension for an iron core torque motor


Large stroke three degree-of-freedom spherical flexure joint

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