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Rehabilitation-oriented human hand model reductions

Biomedical;Design method;Haptic device;Modelling

Methodological correlation of finite element models to nanoindentation measurements on Si (100)

Estimating,Finite element method (FEM),Methodology,Nano indentation

Characterisation of positioning performances of a mechatronics device actuated via a frictionless voice-coil actuator


Numerical modelling of piezoelectric vibration energy scavenging bimorphs

Precision positioning system with high-speed FPGA-based closed loop control

River flow energy harvesting by employing piezoelectric eels

Finite element modelling and power estimation of multilayer energy scavengers

Vibration energy scavenging powered wireless tire pressure monitoring sensor

Sensitivity Analysis of Piezoelectric Scavenging of Vibration Energy

Validation of pre-sliding friction models for ultra-high precision applications

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