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Accuracy of X-ray computed tomography dimensional measurements of metal AM cellular structures

Improving Additive Manufacturing Part Design with the aid of X-ray Computed Tomography, Surface Characterisation and Density analysis

Computer aided design (CAD),Laser beam machining (LBM),X-ray

An integrated framework of reference for the qualification of personnel in coordinate metrology

Learning,Metrology,Quality assurance

Geometry of X-ray computed tomography systems: a sensitivity analysis of detector angular misalignments on dimensional measurements


X-ray computed tomography for dimensional measurements of threaded parts


Accuracy of fiber length measurements using X-ray computed tomography for the analysis of composite materials


Surface extraction procedures based on gradient algorithm for X-ray computed tomography measurement of multi-material parts


X-ray computed tomography dimensional measurements of powder bed fusion cellular structures

A new conversion approach between different characterization methods to measure the spot size of micro CT systems


Accuracy of surface topography measurements performed by X-ray computed tomography on additively manufactured metal parts

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