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Case study of X-ray Computed Tomography performance in polymeric AM features evaluation

Dynamical simulation of an under-actuated surface composed by spherical rotors during sorting operations


In-process portable photogrammetry using optical targets for large scale industrial metrology

Measurement,Metrology,Visual inspection

Geometrical error identification of a 3-axis machine tool with the laser tracker outside of the machine

Accuracy,Geometric modelling,Laser,Metrology

2D positioning control strategy for a nanopositioning stage

Control,Nano technology,Positioning

Current Sampling in a Control Strategy for a Linear Motor of a 2D Nanopositioning Stage Based on Vector Control


Performance analysis of measuring and motion devices for an ultra-precision 2D-stage

An experimental study of computed tomography error sources by using an open CT system

Dimensional quality control of Ti-Ni dental file by optical coordinate metrology and computed tomography

A self-calibration methodology for a 2D-long range motion stage

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