Tokyo Metropolitan University

|Tokyo Metropolitan University

Patterned hydrothermal synthesis of TiO2 to produce droplet repelling forces

Nano technology,Processing,Surface,Texture

Molecular modification of surface to control its wettability with high stability

Micromachining,Nano manufacturing,Processing,Surface

Hydrothermal synthesis with controlled nucleation and growth to produce regular structures


Repeated self-assembly process to produce three-dimensional inverse opal structure for catalysts

Wettability modification with controlled cutting conditions and application to patterned self-assembly of fine particles

Wettability modification of fibres with plasma irradiation and its direct measurement

Patterned Self-assembly of Fine Particles and their Transfer/replication to Produce Complex Micro structures

Fabrication of micro-/nano-pore arrays with metal-assisted chemical etching and surface modification aiming at liquid retaining function

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