Technische Universität Berlin

|Technische Universität Berlin

Wear mechanism of single crystal diamonds in ultra-precision cutting of graphite for air bearing applications


Precise cutting of cemented carbide with nanopolycrystalline diamond in ductile regime


Zirconium dioxide-reinforced aluminium oxide ceramic for micro-milling of graphite


Characterization and investigation of binderless nanopolycrystalline diamond turning tools for precision machining


Helical electrodes for improved flushing conditions in drilling EDM of MAR-M247

Drilling,Electrical discharge machining (EDM),Flow,Tool

Tailored microfluidic chips for biotechnology

Using Boron Doped Diamond Foils for Fabrication of Micro Cavities with EDM

Acoustic Emission-based micro milling tool contact detection as an integrated machine tool function

Integration Platform of Dual Wavelength Signal Source for 120GHz Wireless Communication Systems

Binderless-cBN for micro machining

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