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In-process monitoring of selective thermoplastic electrophotographic process by laser profiling system and digital fingerprint

3D printing,Image,Processing,Sensor

Thermo-mechanical model for a selective thermoplastic electrophotographic process for dimensional defects

Defect,3D printing,Simulation,Thermal error

Direct Additive Manufacturing of Hydrophobic Microstructures Using Soft Polymer

3D printing,Microstructure

Simple sensor manufacturing by Laser Powder Bed Fusion of conductive polymer blends

Composite,Development,Polymer,Selective laser sintering (SLS)

Spectral assessment of surface topography


Application of metal additive manufacturing material extrusion in the production of tool inserts for polymer profile extrusion die surface roughness investigation

3D printing,Extrusion,Roughness,Tooling

Effects of process parameters on print quality and mechanical properties of FDM printed polyoxymethylene (POM)

3D printing

Effect of powder particle size on the rheology of feedstocks for low pressure powder injection moulding

3D printing,Injection,Mold (or Mould),Powder

Additive manufacturing of soft tools – Application of carbon fiber filled PEEK to polymer extrusion dies production

Die,3D printing,Extrusion,Tooling

Influence of image resolution on surface topography prediction based cutting tools measurements


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