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Accounting for elastic recovery during micro-scratching of a brittle material in the ductile regime

Anisotropy,Calcium fluoride,Material,Ultra-precision

Generation of micro fins using ultraprecision diamond skiving


Improving form accuracy in ultra-precision machining of calcium fluoride by integrating vibration-assisted cutting and coating technology

Accuracy,Calcium fluoride,Coating,Micromachining,Ultra-precision

Material removal rate prediction with force signals and machine learning in magnetically driven internal finishing


Incremental sheet metal forming with flexible die


Increasing the critical uncut chip thickness with coating-assisted microcutting on magnesium fluoride single-crystal

Effect of abrasive size and glue mass ratio on material removal and surface finish in magnetically driven internal finishing process


5-Axis ultra-precision diamond shaping of blazed diffraction gratings on high curvature convex ellipsoidal surfaces


Ultra-precision direct diamond shaping of composite polygonal Fresnel lenses


Compression effects of epoxy coating in microcutting of calcium fluoride single crystals

Calcium fluoride,Coating,Micromachining,Ultra-precision

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