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Effect of grinding fluid on the grinding characteristics of CMSX4

Grinding,Turbine blade

Constant-pressure machining of single crystalline silicon carbide using a ruby sphere

Carbide,Machining,Silicon,Single crystal

Effect of grinding wheel safety guard thickness in the collision of a conical projectile

Grinding,Machine,Sheet metal,Steel

Study of CFRP grinding method with electrical discharge machining

Carbon,Electrical discharge machining (EDM),Grinding,Roughness

Best Method to Achieve High Total Tickness Variance and High Flatness in Double-sided Polishing


Correction grinding of a wafer profile using freezing pin chuck


Study on the workpiece temperature in the side milling of CFRP

End milling,Temperature

Effect of Cutting Edge Radius of Diamond Tool on Micro Cutting of Single Crystalline Silicon Carbide

Study on protection performance of grinding wheel safety guard made of polycarbonate plate


Effect of fragment tip shape upon the safety guard local damage of grinding machine


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