Thermo-elastic frequency domain analyses for a cryogenic temperature controlled precision sample holder

Compensation,Machine,Optimisation,Thermal error

High-precision Motion System Design by Topology Optimization Considering Additive Manufacturing


Thermal-elastic modelling of a complex system. Succesfully combining different modelling techniques

Thermal Qualification of Precision Systems

Measuring instrument,Modelling,Precision,Temperature

Recirculating linear ball bearings and their effect on the accuracy of positioning systems


Polymer Damper Technology for improved System Dynamics

Damping,Design method,Dynamic,Mechatronic

High accuracy temperature control using a local heater

Design and control of a through wall 450 mm vacuum compatible wafer stage

Mechatronic Design of a Seismic Shaker

6-DoF Active Vibration Isolation without Tilt-Horizontal Coupling

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