Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

|Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Mobility analysis of folded sheet flexure based 2-DOF rotational platform


The effect of polishing slurry parameters on the surface finish obtained using a novel compliant polishing technique

Significant improvement in surface finish of 3D printed parts using Pneumatically Configurable Polishing process

Design criteria, fabrication, and application of high vacuum brazing furnace

Fabrication of nano core-shell aided multifunctional robust polymeric coating for steel protection

Coating,Composite,Nano technology,Polymer

Constraint analysis of 3-D kinematic clamps using screw algebra


Achieving precision in hot embossing using flexures


Design and evaluation of structured freeform optics for uniform LED illumination

Conceptual design,Design method,Optical

Design of a 5-DoF flexure based passive gripper

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