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The MIIM method for the environmental thermal error study of large machine tools: A real case study

Accuracy,Machine,Thermal error

Validation of the micro-extrusion process for the manufacturing of tubular bio-resorbable porous scaffolds for tissue engineering


Accuracy evaluation of an optical 3D profiler integrated on a machine tool adapted for laser micro-processing

Accuracy,Automation,Calibration,In-process measurement

Volumetric error assessment of dual head machines through a shearing technique


Elastic coupling stiffness compensation system


Telescope mount assembly pointing accuracy assessment for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope: A large-scale metrology challenge


Tracking system design for a new concept of solar concentration technology

Accuracy,Adaptive control,Calibration,Metrology

Concept design of a 5-axis portable milling machine for the in-situ processing of large pieces

Concept design of high precision portable machines for the in-situ manufacturing of the ITER vacuum vessel

Development of a novel high precision Large Range Small Angle Generator

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