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Raman – linear vibrational spectroscopy as a tool to monitor decellularisation processes of devitalised allogeneic tissues in-line: A pilot study

Biomedical,Laser,Measuring instrument,Monitoring

Ultrasonic treatment for decellularisation of cartilage and dura mater


Near-dry die-sinking-EDM of CrCoMo dental implant structures

Electrical discharge machining (EDM),Electrode,Structural analysis,Surface

Prototype of a high dynamic precise axis system based on flexure hinges for the micro positioning of an electrode in the near dry EDM process

Dynamic,Electrical discharge machining (EDM),Micromanipulator,Positioning

Revamp of a conventional start hole EDM-Machine to a near dry EDM-Machine for the manufacturing of holes in a dental alloys CoCrMo

Electrical discharge machining (EDM)

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