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Analysis of Different Process Control Strategies of the Hybrid Contact Laser Sintering Process

Laser,Laser micro machining,Powder,Sintering

Deep hole drilling of polymethyl methacrylate with small diameters

Deep hole drilling,In-process measurement,Polymer

Concept for a Miniaturized Machine-Tool-Module for the Manufacturing of Micro-Components Operated at its Resonance Frequency

Development of a mechanical amplifier considering the dynamic behaviour at resonance excitation

Concept for Identifying the Temperature Conditions and Distribution in Amorphous Metal Micro Parts manufactured by a Hybrid Contact Laser Sintering Process

Modular Workpiece Carrier and Clamping System for Micro Machining

Repeatable Positioning Accuracy of Mechanical Interfaces for Micro Manufacturing

Flexure Based Feed Unit for Long Feed Ranges: Concept and Design

Verification of the Square Foot Manufacturing Concept Through the Process of Micro Milling and Drilling with a Flexure Based Feed Unit

Square Foot Manufacturing – Advanced Design and Implementation of Mechanical Interfaces

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