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Development of Gaussian pseudo-random micro-milling path for eliminating mid-to-high frequency errors on repaired surfaces of KH2PO4 optic to improve its laser damage resistance

Damage,Design method,Micromachining,Milling,Resistance,Surface

An investigation on laser-induced damage resistance of KDP optics repaired by different micro-milling strategies

End milling,Micromachining,Optical,Texture

Effect of turning parameters on surface quality of ultra-precision machining of progressive multifocal lens


Experimental study about the influence of preparation process on graphene films over steel-bonded carbide samples

Atomic force microscopy (AFM),Lubrication,Nano technology,microscope (SEM)

Using the Confined Etchant Layer Technique to process the 3D micro structure by adjusting the voltage

Study on surface finishing strategy of ultrahard nanotwinned diamond

Diamond,Lapping,Laser beam machining (LBM)

Effect of grain wear on material removal behaviour of sapphire in ultra-precision grinding


On-machine precision form truing of semispherical diamond wheel

Ceramic,Manufacturing (CAM),Dressing,Grinding

Online monitoring of Grinding Aspherical Surface by Acoustic Emission Signal


Roundness measurements of concave spherical surface using an AFM probe system

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