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Learning for motion control in bonding machines: Bridging data-driven learning and physical modelling


Long-Range Piezo Actuators: Compensating Hysteresis and Commutation Angle Reproducible Disturbances


Compensating position-dependent disturbances in mechatronic systems: a new repetitive control framework with applications to a substrate carrier


Digital Twins in Control: From Fault Detection to Predictive Maintenance in Precision Mechatronics


Advanced Identification and Control: Thermodynamics in precision mechatronics

Control,Identification,Mechatronic,Thermal error

Calibration and validation of an integrated opto-thermo-mechanical model for thermal aberration predictions in EUV lithography

Modelling & Identification for Thermal Control of Cooling Water with Varying Flow


On the Performance Potential of Superconducting Linear and Planar Motors

Tubular permanent magnet motor with Integrated Coaxial Transformer

Driving a Femtosecond Machined Tactile Scanning Probe Stage in the 100 µm Range

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