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|DTU Mechanical Engineering

Influence of atmosphere on microstructure of 316L fabricated by laser-based powder bed fusion system

Defect,Microstructure,Selective laser melting (SLM),Steel

Multi-material additive manufacturing of steels using laser powder bed fusion

Manufacturing (CAM),Design,Material

A method for identification and quantification of thermal lensing in powder bed fusion

Manufacturing (CAM)

Optimization of a self-peeling vat for precision vat photopolymerization setups

3D printing,Microstructure,Optimisation,Polymer

Heat Transfer in Additively Manufactured Injection Moulding Inserts

Challenges and Opportunities of Fibre-reinforced Polymers in Additive Manufacturing with Focus on Industrial Applications

Effects of Carbon Fibres on the Life Cycle Assessment of Additively Manufactured Injection Moulding Inserts for Rapid Prototyping

Precision manufacturing of polymer micro‐nano fluidic systems

Comparison of conventional Injection Mould Inserts to Additively Manufactured Inserts using Life Cycle Assessment

Investigation of digital light processing using fibre-reinforced polymers

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